bioWhat is happening now

Conversation Space
words transplanted from discussions to dinner napkins
cloth, original phrases, thread
a practice launched into the lives
of every day people
& hopefully on sale soon
at the Kunstsuper

With each discussion we overlap our lives.

We open up conversation spaces where interpretations intermingle and experience is explained.

I am addicted to channel surfing other people's stories because it's eye-opening and entertaining in a way that no reality TV show ever could be.

I've been grabbing descriptions from this landscape and sending them back to the source via postcards.

Now I am curious to see what happens when some of these fantastic fragments, these touchpoints in words, are transplanted to that fertile breeding ground for conversation, the dinner table.

I still use the postcards, but now, when the vignettes pop out of conversation, I've also started giving them back to the speaker embroidered on a dinner napkin. For example: The Hawaiians all have pitbulls.

The speaker of these words gets a set of four. Each of the other three dinner napkins are embroidered with a sentence taken from three other people in three completely different conversations.

The first set launched into the world of table talk comprised all food-related quotes:
  • It's very difficult to make curry as a tapas.
  • On all the TV cooking programmes everyone always fucks up the risotto.
  • Nothing was spicey in Europe in the late 60s.
  • Especially when Steve is away I have wine and eggs because it's such an adult thing to do.
The second set to be launched:
  • If the people from the basement are enthusiastic it might just happen.
  • It's inconvenient to go to Asia and come back right now.
  • The Hawaiians all have pitbulls. [see image above]
  • There's the FBI warning against copying fireplaces.
I hope they can sprout interesting conversations! Stay tuned and keep talking!