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Woman Stuck in the Fabric of Society
(drawing converted to) oil paint, 25 canvas boards, fishing line
60 cm x 144 cm
collection Britta Narum and Joost Johan Krikhaar

The original drawing was of a woman looking over her shoulder.

The decorative pattern throughout the piece is a tribute to Gustav Klimt.

I was experimenting with cutting up my own work and making 'new pictures' from the pieces.

Hanging up the assembled drawing, it seemed to resemble a woman's face stuck in the squares of a patchwork quilt.
I took the small pieces of the drawing, painted them onto larger canvas boards and used clear fishing line to tie the boards together.

After reading a 1998 article in Newsweek magazine about women in Afghanistan being forced to wear cloth burkas and behave according to strict rules, I went back to the painting and wrote "woman stuck in the fabric of society."