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Geisha Movie
dark room, 8 minute geisha film/animation (made from photographs manipulated in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere) with music playing on large TV, 12 paintings (each on 30 x 40 cm canvas board) using glow-in-the-dark paint, 500 watt halogen light on a timer set to be on for 2 seconds of each 2-1/2 minutes, 20 movie theater style chairs.

I am not a video artist.

Adding movement to a visual composition increases the complexity of the resulting choices.

Animations also allow more space to play with combining images and text.

For awhile in art school, I enjoyed simultaneously approaching a work from both the mediums of painting and of animation.

First thoughts on this work were about how movies are an illusion created by a combination of still images. I wanted to take the illusion apart and work with the pieces.
This installation was shown:
  • In Tilburg at Ruimte-X during the 2002 L'avventura Festival
  • In Rotterdam during the 2002 Adapter Multi-media Jam Session in Off-Corso
  • In Rotterdam at the 'Het Dak Eraf!' (Blow the Roof Off!) Festival to mark the opening of the 2004 cultural season

Rotterdam opens the cultural season with five weekends of culture each September.

In 2004, the first weekend was called "Het Dak Eraf!" which means, "Blow the roof off!" and was part of the 'New School' program - displaying the 'new generation of Rotterdam artists.'

The Geisha animation / installation showed in the basement of Christiaan Kappers (hair salon) at Nieuwe Binnenweg 66 each Saturday in September.

Other paintings / installations using glow-in-the-dark-paint to create a layered experience:

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